Orange is the new black ~2

Hellooo all you lovely people! 🙂 how has your week been so far? My week…erm…let’s just say the lesser said the better. 😛
So as part two of my four part series I bring to you my second orange look 😀






So I bought this top from an Indian shop called “AND” a few months ago and the place I was going to this weekend seemed fun enough to release it 🙂 I tried a small mix-&-match, so I paired the halter neck top with something as traditional as the jhumka.
The jhumka is a traditional Indian earring worn by ladies for festivities and occasions. While it comes in various shapes, sizes and materials these days, they were originally made out of precious metals like gold and silver.
Coming back, so the current rage in my city is jhumkas made out of terracotta. When such adorable trends come by, why won’t I binge? Ofcourse I did 😀


They look pretty, yah? 😀
I kept the rest of the look simple. Since this blouse was pretty long, it covered my er..rather large behind 😛 so I chucked my jeans and wore it with a pair of super-comfy black above-the-ankle tights. These are truly the all purpose, fully exploited piece of clothing I own. Gym? Work? Casual outing? Shopping? I wear these tights every-frikkin-where. LoL.
The footwear was also pretty toned down. Wore these beautiful nude pumps I bought a while ago.


I love love luuurrvvee the cut work on these shoes 😀

Oh oh oh..and while we are at it, since my watch happened to match so beautifully with the look I thought why not show you guys that as well!


This fossil is one of my prized possessions 🙂 first gift to myself from my salary type of special!!! Its pink mother of pearl dial goes so well with any shade of pink, orange and red.

So what do you guys think? What would you pair halternecks with? Do tell me ❤


9 thoughts on “Orange is the new black ~2

  1. Love the top!! Halter necks look fab on you! And those earrings are so adorable!! usually I have worn halter necks the way you have, and also with skirts, tucked in obviously otherwise it seems to swallow me up..


    • I know…I have a belt which goes soooo well with those shoes (the reason I wore those shoes in the first place was the belt :/ ) but I had to resist myself from belting it up. Haha 🙂 thank you so much. Glad you liked it.
      And yayy same shoe – same pinch ! 😀


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