After months of following a few blogs and feeling bad about having nothing passionate to do in life, I have chosen June 10th 2014 to be auspicious enough to start my own blog! Once the excitement of finally picking up the courage to start this page dies down, I expect panic to set in about the content. But hey, isn’t panic the mother of creativity? 😉

Well, a few words about me, I am a Chartered Accountant by profession. I love to stay fit and in style as much as I love the LHS and the RHS of a Balance Sheet ;). I am a fitness freak who has recently developed a love for running marathons. I am a trained classical dancer as well.

My style sense is highly varied.. I consider anything from a traditional saree to a dress to be fashionable and appropriate when worn right.

More about me some other time. 🙂 Head over to the blogging page and enjoy my ridiculously crazy and fun journey through the extremely confusing subject called FASHION!



14 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Ankita! Yes it’s amazing how many like minded sweet and talented people we get to know through blogging! In love with your blog! Glad I bumped into it! 🙂 thanks for the sweet words ❤

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