Kerastace Fusio-Dose Hair Care Treatment – A Review

Being a blogger has its tiny perks! Wait! scratch that! Being a blogger has really cool perks! Last week I was contacted by the Page3 chain of beauty parlours and was invited over to try the new Kerastase Fusio-Dose Instant Hair Ritual and boy did I have an ultimate pampering session! 😀

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Pulled it off!

I love experimenting with the almost non existent hair of mine. Be it hair styles or hair cuts. While I’m planning to do a post on the various hairstyles I’ve tried so far in a while, I dedicate this post to a rather easy inverse ponytail I tried to work today.


Its a simple case of tying a loose ponytail, dividing the hair above your ponytail into two and popping the ponytail into this cavity and pulling it it down. Tada!!!
A step by step process can be found here!

What do you think of this hairdo? Do tell me!! 🙂