Onam Special Ft. Mahatriya

Hailing from a city called Palakkad which lies almost on the line dividing Tamil Nadu and Kerala has its own strange perks! We get to celebrate Keralite festivals without looking like a South Indian going on Karva Chauth fasts (er…yes I have some such friends! :P)

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Summer Style – Part III/IV – Nature Hues

Hi you guys! It feels great to be sticking to a routine and coming back to the blog every Monday πŸ˜€ wonder how long that’s gonna last for… Anyway let’s fuggedaboudit for a moment now and talk about the next summer styling idea and it is *drumroll* the traditional Salwar/Chudidhar and Kameez! 

The salwar kameez is a traditional Indian three piece suit which has a kameez which is a top that you can equate to a knee length dress and a salwar/patiala pant/Chudidhar which is the pant and a dupatta which is shawl we cover our torso with! 

The Patiala or simply a salwar pant has a lot of gathering and looks great with a short top or a tshirt even! The Chudidhar bottom is comes more like a tightish pant (that’s what I’m wearing in this look!) 

This outfit was infact bought on my birthday! A gift from me to me πŸ˜› last year! It wasn’t a set when I bought it (just putting that in so you would be like oooh how do you mix n match so well!! Lol!)  

This salwar has Churi sleeves which means the sleeves like the pant has gatherings at the end too! Its pure cotton and feels great to wear! 

Salwars in general are a great option to wear in summer and whenever it’s possible to ditch the dupatta, do it because honestly, minimalism in any which way possible in a 40β€’C weather is extremely essential! 

I’m just realizing all the three summer looks I have put together this time are yellow and green hues..er so much for variety! 

i will stand up on the bench and pose. Because I can!

Outfit Details: The whole set – top, pant and dupatta – Fab India, Slippers – Koblerr, Earrings – Kushals

When we did the whole photoshoot for the four outfits I must say this outfit was my least favourite because I was feeling all conscious in it…I know it’s just a salwar! What’s to feel conscious right? So anyway, I was dreading seeing the pictures of this one but I must say this Sneha Chandrashekar knows what she’s doing! Follow her on Instagram where she goes by the handle @purplecurlss! ❀️

That ladies (and the very few gentlemen who read my blog!) brings us to the end of Part 3 of the 4 part summer series! So tell me are you enjoying the looks? Did you try to create a summer look yourself? Comment below cause I would love to know. Have a fabulous week! Bye! 

Summer Style – Part II/IV – Beach VibesΒ 

Summers, mild ones atleast are associated with the beach! Nothing can beat a cool summer day at the beach and being in a tropical country in general and a coastal city in specific we usually get a lot of Vitamin Sea! This outfit symbolizes beachy vibes for me and once you take a look you’ll agree too! 

Long skirts are the shizz for summer days and the wind beneath (or to be honest in between!) your legs is priceless! 

I paired this dandelion printed skirt with a yellow hakoba (?) top and a last minute addition were these pair of reflector shades which I flicked from a friend who came to help us out with the photoshoot! 

I love the casual vibe of this photoshoot and I had better liked it because I paid the auto driver a good amount to shoot with his auto rickshaw! :/ 

As beachy as this outfit may look, Sneha Chandrashekaran (follow her on Instagram @purplecurlss (yes a double s)) my photographer, stood her ground and flat out refused to do this shoot on the sea shore and I’m glad she thought this was a way cooler idea, it was after way cooler this way, wasn’t it! 

Outfit Details: Top – Splash, Skirt – Stay Fabuluous, Reflector shades – Flicked from friend (she bought it at Forever 21 though!) 

Hope you guys enjoyed part two of the four part series! Excited about the remaining two too! Have a fantastic week ahead! Lots of love 

He’s here :D

Guyssssss!! Aaaaahhhh!! 💟💟💟 picture this : you have a 60 day countdown because you are seeing the love of your life after two frikkin long years, the days are in no hurry (wonder how they act so lazy during countdowns and are so hyperactive when the vacation after the countdown starts :?) and after a tiresome 58 days you are down to 2 days. The last ten days go exceptionally slowly with you checking the date and the time on your computer calendar every five minutes (no I’m not exaggerating guys!). Anyway, I was in the last but one but oneth day of my countdown 😝. It was Friday and after a longgggg day at work I’m walking towards my car in the rather empty parking lot when I suddenly sense a movement behind me and the persons gait is all too familiar but I’m not able to put a finger on who it was..so I do the turn look back, not realizing who it was, so look in front and get sooooo shocked and look back again routine we are all too familiar with! My boyfriend had me surprised shocked blown out of my wits all at the same time by arriving two days before schedule. Yaah yaah HiFi!!! He’s here 😍!!!!



BEST.SURPRISE.EVER. 😍 Happy holidays people. I know I’m going to have an amazing one 💝

Spotty Friday!

Hey you guyssss!


Wazzzaaa!?! So I actually tried a trend from my imaginary checklist of trends-to-try and boy did I love it :mrgreen: say hey to animal prints! βœ‹
I just had to pose for a picture with my coolers on because they have animal print temples too ( yes the parallel beams on the shades which perch above your ears are apparently called temples. #thankyougoogle 😂)
So let me show you a complete version of the OOTD



This leopard print blouse has been lying in my closet untouched for quite a while now because I’ve been apprehensive about wearing it – courtesy – my mom. Every time I take this blouse out she does a perfect eye roll and goes like “why would anyone in their right minds walk around looking like an animal.” (I guess she completes the paragraph in her brain like “how creepy would it be if a leopard dresses up like a  human” …but yeah she doesn’t say it…and as long as she doesn’t, I’m happy 😝)
So I paired this printed top with my favorite pair of jeans I bought more than a year ago from Levis. Hope you trust me when I say this; there has not been a single pair of jeans which has fit me this well since my childhood.. Hahha. :mrgreen: One thing I’ve learnt about jeans through the years is that we can equate it to buying sports shoes. Though the brand, the cut etcetera may be exactly the same, the fit sometimes differs, so the key is just definitely trying them on and checking as against buying them online or without actually trying them. Been there done that burnt my fingers and felt bad guys. So please don’t repeat that mistake!
And now introducing the best part of the outfit…ba-dum-tssss!!! My heels!!! I got these glitter heels recently and I absolutely love them to bits. I can strut in them for life. Yayyy…so comfortable yet sexy 😆


Lovely don’t you think? Hope you guys enjoyed the post and the animal print trend I tried. Tell me what you guys thought. πŸ™‚

One Post, two Life through the Lens Challenges

I have somehow missed both the life through the lens challenges though I have been thinking I read every post of Mommyx4boys (oh…fyi…when I visited her page now for a link back I see a third pending challenge. But that can wait :P)
So the two topics I missed were Miracle and Love. Let’s go one by one. πŸ™‚

This one’s a photo. And the story behind it is the Miracle.


That’s me holding my Chartered Accountant Membership Certificate on passing the course. You must be wondering why this photo here, it’s because passing the course is a bloody miracle in itself πŸ˜€ The pass percentage was a frugal 7% when I gave my exams. 7 of every 100 clear. Miracle or what?!? πŸ™‚

This is a pencil sketch I did for Love. A slightly different interpretation but yes!


Nothing is as genuine as the love dogs show and I think I’ve done a good job bringing out that emotion. I had a rough idea of the kind of picture I wanted to draw and Google threw up this amazing idea πŸ˜€ what do you think guys?
And thank you once again http://mommyx4boys.wordpress.com for these kickass challenges!

Palazzo puh-lease-o!

Urgh I’m on a row with the title making part of my brain. πŸ˜› Anyway, I have been very apprehensive about buying palazzo pants for sometime now because it was a trend I was having a constant love-hate relationship with. This is because I really envied tall leggy lasses strutting in palazzo pants everywhere while yours truly is short and hmmm..how do I put this delicately.. not so leggy or lassy. Hahaha..
But I recently saw one blogger, who told me she was also short, rock these pants and thus I gained confidence to buy one. And so I did, and so an outfit of the day post. πŸ˜€




I bought these beauties at FabIndia an amazing chain of stores in India.


Hahaha I swear to God this meme was already there on Google. So you can imagine what this store does to us Indians. What’s amazing about this store is that they adopt every trend in traditional Indian fabric to give it a Desi-Twist and all of us fall for it straight away πŸ™‚

I ensured that they were extremely loose so that they looked almost like a long skirt (just in case I again start feeling palazzos are not my thing :/ )

I paired them with a plain black fitting t-shirt and wore my new violet pumps because…no reason…just because I love them πŸ˜›

What do you think about the look? Do tell me!