Shop Local!

  • Did you know fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil?
  • Did you know it takes 70 million barrels of oil to produce the polyester used in fabrics each year? Oh and this polyester is non-biodegradable too!
  • Did you know in less than 20 years, the volume of clothing Americans trash each year has doubled from 7 million to 14 million tons, which roughly works out to a whooping 80 pounds per person?
  • Did you know stone washing of jeans is done using volcanic pumice stones and when they are used they break down and this waste is dumped in rivers and inhaled by workers in the jeans factory? (Needless to say, these jeans originally manufactured in the United states are now manufactured in developing nations. Cant get their precious water and precious workers in harm’s way can they?)

I din’t know many of these facts until recently and I won’t blame you if you didn’t either! But this is just a minuscule compilation of facts against fast fashion. The kind of resources and the kind of waste the fashion industry is creating has gone unnoticed and hidden from us for too damn long and its time we take a stand!

What do we as people trying to be responsible do about this? Where do we start? There are numerous things you can do to help this planet and I thought it will be a good idea to do a small blog post about each way, and here’s the first way!

Know brands in your city/country which stand for sustainable and ethical fashion

Shopping locally ensures that minimum costs, efforts and pollution have gone into shipping and logistics. It means you are wearing fabrics best suited for your environments. It also ensures you are doing your part to supports artists and craftsman in your city/country!

So this step, as a I realized very late (:|) is very easy in India because we live so close to the fabric produce and the weavers and the tailors. It gets harder in this country because only 3% of all the clothes worn in the United States are made here! :O And needless to say, all ethical brands here charge you an arm, a leg and a kidney for one piece of clothing! A lot of digging and research later I found a great brand Amour Vert (Means Green Love in French!) which stands for responsibly sourcing fabric and also plants a tree for every purchase made! What’s better? They don’t kill your bank account for an outfit!

In an attempt to build my wardrobe staples first, I bought this black and white striped tee-shirt. It was more expensive than what you might pay for something similar at a H&M but knowing this is going to last you much much longer makes it worth it.

I paired it with my Nikes tights which I’ve had forever and a pair of trusted converse. I didn’t know what to have in my hand (I feel I need some prop in my hand always! :’) ) and so I went on Pinterest to draw some inspiration and I saw denim jackets look really good with such a look and so decided to have my denim jacket in my hand with no intention of ever wearing it for the look! 😛


The “basic” striped top can be worn in so many different ways. I chose this very basic one because really more than the outfit, the cause (sustainability) and the way to achieve it (shopping locally) is what this post is about! 🙂

This top is literally 100% made in the United States. It is made of Texas-grown organic cotton. Knitted in Los Angeles. Cut in Oakland. Sewn in San Francisco! Feels like I’m wearing a piece of the west coast on me! 🙂

If you have navigated through all these photos and reached this point, Congratulations! 😛 Now I have a question for you! While I was doing my research about locally made brands, one thing which eased my search so much were lists of ethical brands made by so many American and European bloggers. Do you think I should do such a hyperlinked list or an index of sorts of Indian Ethical and Sustainable Slow fashion brands? These lists would ideally include apparel, footwear, accessories and probably bags. Would that be useful to you? Please let me know in the comments below! 🙂 Have a lovely Sunday and lovely extended weekend to all my friends in this part of the world! ❤

Here’s the link to this top :

This is in no way a sponsored post! I bought this top (for my Birthday :P) and decided to blog and post about it myself!


The Two Trends I Tried!!!

Hiiiii!!! Yes I’m positively excited! You know what’s better than styling new clothes and blogging about them? Styling old clothes in a new way and blogging about them of course silly!!! 😝😎

So I have forever had an amazing blue and white striped T-shirt which are one of those pieces which we be like “aww you cute thing” but put it back into the closet for it to sleep a little longer 😋 because the neck is a little deeper than my liking. Little did I know that this T-shirt will lend itself so beautifully well to layering. When that idea struck me there was no looking back after that.!


How about that!?! 😍 I decided to layer this T-shirt with my polka dotted and collared chambray shirt and voila I have jumped on the polka dots and stripes bandwagon! 😂


So this shirt T-shirt combo I paired with the M&S chinos which I’ve shown on this blog gazillion times before. Hey it’s a great color and its the most comfortable trousers in the world :mrgreen:😍!


A last minute addition was this beautiful sling bag lent by my dear friend Preethi because before me she thought that this bag will really complete this look. That’s why I love her! 🙂

Its from a really cool brand called 3 mad chicks. They have the quirkiest bags. All Indian bloggers, this is the cue where you stop reading my blog and check out 3 mad chicks.
Just kidding!! Hold on!!! Complete reading this post and then shop! 😜

A last minute addition was a really old quirky chain…just because!! What do you think? :mrgreen:


The earrings were zircon-like studs and they really added spark to the otherwise sober outfit


How beautifully I can fake a candid pose! 😂😋

So!!! That was one trend I tried. The second one is a hairstyle. I’ve been loving the messy bun many actresses are regularly sporting lately. Especially loved Jennifer Lawrence’s look


I couldn’t afford it to be this messy because I was heading to work in fact 😋 so I tried a neater version of this messy bun with this outfit and boy was I satisfied !!


While I thought my layers are going to mess things up for this look..I was like…oh wait I need that messy look right 😂


So all-in-all I call this a success outfit! Have you tried this polka dots n stripes trend before? Have you sported a messy bun before? Do tell me! Have a lovely weekend! So long folks!! 💝💝

Strutting in Stripes!

“Wow you look like a flashy prisoner”,was the first reaction from the boyzz at work this Friday. Them and their fashion unfriendly comments. 😜😒

I’ve always been in awe and have been wanting to recreate the black and white stripes with a pop of red combination which is all over pinterest. A sample if you please!


(Source : Pinterest and Google Images)

So, recently when I bought a striped top, I knew instantly what my look #1 with it would be! With red pants of course. So I dusted my red pants and boy did it pair beautifully well with my striped top! 😍





I bought this top at Promod and the red pants I’ve had for a while which I bought from an Indian store ironically called Westside!
I paired this outfit with red plain earrings and white pumps to give it the contrast.

Though this was the look that instantly came to my mind I intend to experiment with this blouse with atleast two to three other colors and outfits. Maybe a bright pink tulle skirt? Maybe neon pencil skirt? Maybe a light blue Midi? I dont know! But I will figure it out soon. Please help me if you guys think the top will look great with some particular outfit or color! Please? 😍:)

Oh! And meanwhile! Here is my illustrious take on this beautiful combination


I drew it myself. Hence the amateurish feel to the whole picture.!
I do stuff better when I have to just copy them! Like this one below!


Dear Pinterest! I’ll love you for life and a day more 😘😂 Hahaha! Do tell me what you thought about this post! Have a beautiful Sunday! 💞

Palazzo puh-lease-o!

Urgh I’m on a row with the title making part of my brain. 😛 Anyway, I have been very apprehensive about buying palazzo pants for sometime now because it was a trend I was having a constant love-hate relationship with. This is because I really envied tall leggy lasses strutting in palazzo pants everywhere while yours truly is short and do I put this delicately.. not so leggy or lassy. Hahaha..
But I recently saw one blogger, who told me she was also short, rock these pants and thus I gained confidence to buy one. And so I did, and so an outfit of the day post. 😀




I bought these beauties at FabIndia an amazing chain of stores in India.


Hahaha I swear to God this meme was already there on Google. So you can imagine what this store does to us Indians. What’s amazing about this store is that they adopt every trend in traditional Indian fabric to give it a Desi-Twist and all of us fall for it straight away 🙂

I ensured that they were extremely loose so that they looked almost like a long skirt (just in case I again start feeling palazzos are not my thing :/ )

I paired them with a plain black fitting t-shirt and wore my new violet pumps because…no reason…just because I love them 😛

What do you think about the look? Do tell me!